Thursday, May 24, 2007

Video Video Everywhere

Everywhere I turn, every story I read, someone is getting funded in this online video space. Earlier in the week it was WallStrip's $5 million cash out. Previously it was Will Ferrell's company starting a comedy site. Today its Rooftop Comedy receiving $2.5 million from Azure Capital Partners to bring stand up comedians to the Internet. Again, no one wants to be deemed the "You Tube killer" as they do not accept user generated content. Instead they take on the rest of the content creators out there with somewhat professionally created content.

Great concept as comedy seems to be the one aspect that can be controlled in online video. The other is shock which usually comes from UGC. Prom Queen probably falls under suspense/thriller and I'm curious to see if there's any drop off from last month's reported numbers. However, as Mashable pointed out, Rooftop Comedy provides an outlet for comedians to get their funniness out there and they have links to the comedians own website. I mean, that's all well and good, but what's the business strategy? I'm smelling Web 1.0 e-commerce bubble where everyone would put a storefront on no matter how much money they lost ( anyone?). Now there's a Web 2.0 online video bubble where we can simply place a niche targeted website up that plays back some content. Are we really going to serve up that many banner ads? Are people really going to click on your AdSense that's next to the video?

RooftopComedyRooftopComedyI think that the real winners are going to be the TV Guides in this new world. Is it Blinkx (which IPO'd overseas by the way)? Is there a way for us to find the content we want online? In the world of the long tail, this will be the company (Google?) that emerges from the dust as the broker of viewers and content.

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