Friday, May 18, 2007

Lonely Girl on Amie Street

The ever popular webisode LonelyGirl15 will now be featuring music from AmieStreet. LonelyGirl15 is the extremely popular breakout hit on YouTube that featured a video blog about a girl, her problems, and her friends. An extremely popular hit on YouTube it racked up hundreds of thousands of hits before it was outed that the girl was actually a Jessica Rose in Santa Monica and that the content was scripted. However, it was too late, LonelyGirl15 was a hit and to date still averages hundreds of thousands of views. Enter AmieStreet. We spoke about AmieStreet a while ago as the ultimate in supply and demand economics. Users purchase music and the price goes up. Up to 98 cents (1 cent cheaper than Apple's iTunes). Now the popular video blog is teaming up with AmieStreet's artists to try and push music through to its users as a way to further monetize this medium.

Interesting concept, as AmieStreet features many unsigned and unknown artists that would love the exposure on LG15. Is there a way for users to know that the songs are available at AmieStreet? How will they track sales? Obviously if this concept works we will see a spike in the featured artists on LG15, but is it that simple?

I think that this is a great idea since music and the moving image have always gone hand in hand, and some shows have even made hits (The Rembrandts and Friends). I think the challenge here is to let the user know that the songs are available for purchase and if the song is from one of AmieStreet's more popular artists to have a special link that let's the producers know where the lead came from.

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