Thursday, May 17, 2007

Product Placement Rears Its Head Online

Someone is finally listening! In an announcement yesterday (via Mashable) VideoEgg announces their exclusive syndication strategy with The Burg an online series about life in Williamsburg. The Burg which aired in June 2006 and is available at started as a twenty minute sit com like series. However VideoEgg appears to be syndicating four minute episodes that are sponsored by Motorola and therefore featuring Motorola products.

Well this was what I've been talking about for a while. The integration of product with content in order to convey lifestyle messages to an audience. The cool hipness of Williamsburg residents should cross over well with the audience that Motorola is trying to attract. Now I guess the big question is if Motorola is willing to split the sponsorship or if The Burg producers are willing to up the ante and not only have a cell phone sponsor but also a clothing sponsor, sunglasses sponsor, watch sponsor....

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