Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Make Money with your Video - Vator.tv

So this entire time we've been focusing on how to monetize your content online. Most of that is through ad revenue, but Bambi Francisco, originally from Dow Jones owned site Marketwatch has put a new spin on monetizing content. Her site Vator.tv allows entrepreneurs to post their elevator pitch while at the same time allowing investors to find start ups that they'd like to invest in. Definitely a different model than the ones that we were looking at, or are they? NBC and other networks have been looking at YouTube and other online shows for pilot ideas. In a way, post your content and if its good, a big network will pay for it.

Vator.tv, though is definitely an interesting play, although sometimes start ups are invested in because of the management team and not necessarily the idea. This provides the perfect forum since management needs to be somewhat coherent about business and not just all about the technology and Vator.tv provides that perfect medium to evaluate the people that you are investing in without wasting a lot of time.

What's next? The video resume? Aleksey Vaynor would say no. In our open world confidentiality is becoming more and more difficult. Start ups are having a tougher time keeping things under wraps. And likewise, HR departments, are having a more difficult time keeping candidates' information hidden.

Regardless, this is a great idea for this medium and I think the video resume would be as well, if it could be posted behind some type of password protected site for HR folks only. Will Vator be successful? Hard to say. Should they have an accredited investor check? Probably not (see bud.tv). Will wanna be entrepreneurs be watching Vator in a chance to rip off someone else's idea? Probably. How can we protect this? We can't, but hope that if you're video is on Vator and its a good idea you'll get funding before someone can rip you off.

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