Thursday, April 12, 2007

Web 3.0?

With all of the hype that Second Life is receiving along with the other virtual reality worlds out there, I have to talk about where I think this whole thing is going to go. Mashable reviews Cruxy today, a widget that works inside various virtual worlds, even World of Warcraft. The widget is a player that embeds within an avatar so that artists can sell their audio, video or stills.

Second Life and other virtual worlds are being infiltrated by big brands such as Dell, American Apparel and Nike. Yet while these big brands are necessary I believe that this peer to peer interaction will still drive commerce. For example, your avatar is sitting next to mine at the Second Life Apple Store. I chat with you about the differences between iMovie and Final Cut and you tell me that you think that Final Cut does things so much better and that is worth the price. Then I can purchase Final Cut right from the Apple Store. With Cruxy, the product is you going around telling people to listen to your music. That doesn't really happen in real life outside of Times Square. Again, I think that while big brands have little to lose in Second Life (since most of their stores are not manned anyway), the real interaction is peer to peer. Where recommendations and such will really drive sales and marketing.

Is Second Life overhyped? Probably. Is it the future? Again possibly. While today's mechanisms are a bit clunky, in essence, Second Life is one big chat room with nice graphics, imagine the possibilities when you are virtually there. Think Nintendo Wii meets Second Life...that would be cool.

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