Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Another "Wisdom" Application

After talking about Marketwatch last week, which by the way, when everyone was bullish the market went down (what does that say?), I've stumbled upon another Wisdom of Crowds type application courtesy of Mashable called MyMuv. MyMuv (pronounced My Move) is a trend tracking tool where you can create "battles" between two different things. Examples: Hillary Clinton vs George W Bush, XBox vs PS3, Coffee vs Tea, and a whole bunch of other battles, some that make sense and others that don't.

Now just like Marketwatch, once MyMuv achieves some type of critical mass, will it be able to accurately predict trends? I think that this will do a better job than Marketwatch since there is no financial incentive (at least not apparently) to choose for example coffee over tea. You choose hopefully what you really use or like and the wisdom of the crowd will determine whether or not you are in the majority. Since its a social network, it will prevent one from loading any of the battles and it will determine what type of person you are from your choices, although IE vs Firefox won't say much about you....perhaps.

I think its an interesting play and will probably require stricter monitoring to make it appeal on a macro level. It seems that it is India based with many references to India, which is fine, but many of the battle participants like a Bajaj Pulsar or Dharwad need more explanation! (Although Google and Wikipedia do a good job in defining.) Again, we'll keep our eye on this and see how it predicts the future!

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