Thursday, April 5, 2007

Update: Companies Happy with Web 2.0

Well everyone that's spent some cash on your peer to peer network you can now be happy. McKinsey's Survey (registration required) shows that most people are very satisfied with their Web 2.0 investment over the past five years. Most of these folks categorized themselves as fast followers or early adopters, probably because they were able to get in before demand increased and therefore got a good price. In fact 42% said that they invested at the right time while 24% said that they should have invested sooner. A gray web services investment was being used by 80% of respondents followed by collective intelligence, peer to peer, and social networking. Bringing up the rear was mashups, blogs, and wikis, which are not even being considered by many of the respondents. India had the greatest percent increase in investment dollars followed by AsiaPac and Europe, while Retail and High Tech led the way for industries.

Overall the report doesn't say anything that we don't know or couldn't have inferred. The greatest tech growth is obviously in the countries with little to no tech infrastructure. At this time, India and China. Blogs and Wikis still are having a tough time being adopted because companies are still very protective of their IP and don't want anything out there that could offer up their competitive advantage to the industry. Web Services, peer to peer and collective intelligence strategies are leading the way as they are the backbone for any type of further collaboration internally. One lesson learned though is that many of them wish that they had implemented this technology faster. I guess sometimes we never learn, since collaborative technologies like blogs and wikis will (possibly) become a norm, yet very few companies are investing in them.

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