Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Prom Queen

So Prom Queen debuted on Monday. If you are not aware of it, it is Michael Eisner (ex-CEO of Disney) venture into the online world via Vuguru his online production company. 90 second episodics professionally produced and sponsored through pre and post roll advertisements. Prom Queen is produced by the same team that put together Sam Has 7 Friends, normally thought of as the harbinger of the online serial short, and the first series produced by Vuguru and hosted on Veoh (Eisner is on their board).

Initially thoughts? Not bad. There's a pre-roll and a post-roll advertisement for Hairspray the movie. That's it. No visible product placements. No visible brands. Content wise? Not bad either. Feels Dan Brownish. Each episode ends on a cliff hanger of some sort that leaves you wanting more. The production quality also gives an eerie "Am I watching TV online?" feel to it that makes Internet time feel like TV time. (Meaning that on TV they can slowly creep into a room but online why don't they just have a jumpcut to the room?) Honestly the 90 seconds goes by pretty quickly and you almost wish that they didn't have this restriction (which is obviously what they want). Each of the characters have their own MySpace page and the forums (while not heavily travelled ... yet) could be an interesting point to determine plot points and other things that the producers could use ... or not use.

In my opinion I think the content executes well. I could see that the series could be highly addictive and like shows like Lost and 24 have fan sites arising and all types of chatter via the message boards and forums. The production quality is superior and rivals that of The one thing I'd like to see is better integration of product sponsors with the content. As we move toward a pay per action world, perhaps that's what we might see. But for a first pass, good job, Michael. We'll be waiting to see who kills the Prom Queen.

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