Monday, March 19, 2007

Google Phone

Sorry for focusing so much on Google products but the latest rumor of Google Phone has really got me worried. Google's been a true hero of the Internet adhering to its free mantra and finding some innovative ways to make money on it. Lots of money. In the same light, and I'm just speculating, but how do you think the new Google phone is going to work?

Do you have to listen to an advertisement before you make a call?
Will you be served up an ad on restaurant choices when you are trying to make dinner plans?
Or a combination of both, based on GPS, voice recognition software, and probably something in Google Labs called the Mind Reader?

Well if this happens there's no where that's safe from advertisements, product placements, and other unwanted spam messages. But at least the beauty of the Google phone is that its so simplistic that all you have to do is talk into it or let it read your mind.

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