Thursday, March 29, 2007

Advertising via RSS

So you thought that you could get around banner ads, Google ads, and other types of ads by subscribing to your favorite blogs or websites via RSS? Wrong! Feedburner's ad service embeds the ads in feed readers now such as Google Reader. The CPM's are relatively inexpensive at $5 or so on average. I think its a great service, and it will take time for Feedburner to build an advertising base as large as Google since I've seen this implemented on TechCrunch and Mashable and there is a clear rotation of a RedHat ad and a Microsoft ad (and when I went back the Microsoft ad disappeared!).

So this is a clear indication of the power shifting (albeit slowly) from mainstream media to bloggers (although only certain well trafficked blogs are eligible). However, aggregators like My.Yahoo still won't display these ads and since they are a majority of the RSS readers out there, although to read the content you must click through.

While this is an interesting addition to the world of blogging, I still think that integration into content is key. While initially folks will think that the ad is part of the post and might be more inclined to click on it, eventually the ad will become a banner ad, one that is easily dismissed and ignored. We shall see!

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