Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Ultimate Pub Crawl

This past weekend (Labor Day) I was part of the "Thirsty Thirteen" - the group that set the record pub crawl - 250 bars in 24 hours. The brainchild of my Penn friend Chris Solarz, the pub crawl adhered strictly to the Guinness World Record rules: Each member only needs to drink 125 ml (about 1/3 of a pint) at each bar with a "witness" (read: bartender) signing a log, and with some type of video documentation (i.e. flip camera record). Pretty fun day, we started at 8am and found some of the best and worst bars and restaurants in the east village. We had some fans (hey big mama obs!) and some haters (dudes at International bar (boo!)). All in all, this was definitely a logistical challenge more than a drinking challenge. I'd say that logistics was the toughest and with that came the physical aspect (in the end we walked more than 30 miles). Logistically we had to find bars that would serve us in the morning and then also find bars that were not that crowded so that we could get in and out as fast as possible. After this, I'm sure Chris won't have a tough time finding a gig as a COO somewhere (or at a hedge fund!). My personal favorite bars: International Bar (does this place ever close?) and Joe's Bar (still smells like smoke ten years after smoking was banned....) Til the next world record!

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