Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Stamford Tech Meetup #19 (Part 2)

Last night's Stamford Tech Meetup #19 was NOT cancelled by Hurricanes or other natural disasters. So we had some very niche demos and a very broad demo. First off, the meetup had 84 RSVPd guests. This number is definitely high since we carried over many of the Irene candidates over. However, Tiernans' was definitely more packed than ever before. Demo wise: we had Mark my Alpha which was a tool used to gauge traders in their track record. Very niche, its like a report card for traders to show off what their track record is without the ability to cheat. Gojee was food porn. With beautiful pictures and curated recipes Gojee is a great looking site for recipes. Finally Leadplace provides the ability for brokers to get matched with leads and other referrals from other real estate brokers. I guess in retrospect I could have seen who would have won the audience appeal award. Since most people eat and fewer trade and even fewer engage in real estate, Gojee won with 57% of the vote. The meetup is finally getting some traction and some CT companies are finally popping out of the woodwork, it looks like 20 meetups later we may have a 100% CT meetup next month.

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