Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Stamford Tech Meetup #8

At last night's STeM we had a surprisingly good turnout. Rainy weather didn't keep the Stamford Tech crowd at home. We had a bunch of new comers and a bunch of old timers (relatively) as well. This eighth addition of STeM consisted of Seph Skerrit and Proper Cloth, Limor and Spotery, and John Boyd and Meetingwave. Let's get to the demos:

Proper Cloth is a really cool just in time men's shirt company. You can design the shirts on their really beautiful website and they are shipped to you within 2 weeks. If someone buys your shirt you get a $5 store credit. Not too bad (shirts average about $100).

Spotery is a place where you "spot" things. News things that is. The site has an editorial bent on the news that helps you figure out what you need to know. Dealery came out of this as well. A place where deals are aggregated.

Meetingwave is a company that helps you set up meetings with other people. John, a patent attorney, founded this company and is currently targeting the alumni associations that are out there.

In the end, Proper Cloth hammered the competition and took home the Founders Card.

Busy day today, so I will write more when I can! (And yes the blue cow was my desktop background embarassingly enough!)

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