Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Stamford Tech Meetup #7

Last night's Stamford Tech Meetup was pretty good. We had three really cool cutting edge companies. First off was Eventros presented by founder Simon Kirk. An interesting play for events - its a way for people to connect virtually at real world events. It's done in HTML/Javascript so no need to build native apps. Two months in its starting to make its way around the event circuit...

Second was Guest Vessel by Eliot Yaxley. It's a way to rent our your home, but the way that it differs is that you can get GV Tokens for it. These tokens are then redeemable for another home for YOU to rent. Pretty clever. The Brooklyn based startup is a few months old.

Finally Dave Lifson and Postling our Stamford Tech Meetup #7 winner. Posting is a social media dashboard that pulls in all of the social media APIs that are out there so that Small / Medium Business owners can manage their assets efficiently.

After our vote off I showed off my latest mix of technology with art. A movie I made with nearly 2 million images from Flickr, nearly a month of CPU power, and a handful of Macbook Pros. A movie within a movie within a movie in an infinite loop. Here it is...

We had a good mix of angels, technologists, and other interested marketing and advertising folks attend. Overall a great lucky 7.

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