Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Notes from the First Stamford Tech Meetup

On Wednesday February 24, a group of techies got together at Tigin Bar in Stamford, CT. We had a semi private room and although we could only use an S-Video cable to a PC connection, we got the first Stamford Tech Meetup (#STeM) off.

We had four presenters that all provided an aggregation type theme, although a few of them fell into the travel niche, one fell into theater, and one into food.

The first brave soul that demonstrated was David Marcus from Routefriend.

Routefriend's elevator pitch (IMO) was Kayak for non-air travel. It worked pretty awesome. There was a lot of great Ajax on the site that made for quick loading and user friendly controls. David's got a ton of content that he was able to scrape from the sites themselves and is now working on a way to provide travel displays to the various city owned train stations.

CommutePlan was the second demo up. Nik Ran the CEO and founder wowed us with five minutes of his work. I'd say the elevator pitch was Drupal for Transportation Hubs. CommutePlan was still in the alpha stage but I could see where Nik was heading with it. He demonstrated the content management system and showed where he was going. Perhaps Nik should team up with Routefriend's David and CrowdFusion (that demo'd last night at NYTM).

TheaterAdvisor was next up. I'd say it was Yelp for Theater. Great presentation by the founder Andrew Asnes as he covered a lot of the things that I was going to ask about the site. What was really cool was the integration with NY based Hunch where a user could come to the site, answer some questions, and a Broadway recommendation would be given to them. I'm looking forward to this launch of this site as I saw a great show this past weekend that I'd like to review.

Last but not least was RecipeBridge. Bill Brennan the founder presented what I'd call Google/Yelp meets Recipes. A robust interface and on the target search results provided me with an awesome way to probably construct something with all of the random ingredients in my refrigerator (chocolate sprinkles, BBQ sauce, garlic, chicken wings, beer).

Overall, this was a great first meetup for STeM and I can't wait to see what is next in store...!

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