Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Stamford Tech Meetup #4

The recap from last night's Stamford Tech Meetup #4 held at Tiernan's on Main Street May 24th 2010. We had four presenters last night

  • Social Wish
    Social Wish is a way for you to raise money via your social networks for your cause. They have a unique payment gateway option which allows you to get to your money faster and with less fees. It's a different open way to raise small amounts of money similar to that of Kickstarter.

  • Speak to Me
    Speak to me is a way to connect experts to people that are looking for them. They have a widget that connects users to experts on a per minute fee. Video, audio and chat are included when you grill your expert.

  • Fifobooks
    Fifobooks is an online bookstore for independent book downloads. They're taking advantage of the e-books revolution with Kindle, iPad, Nook, eReader, etc.

  • Adopt a Guy
    Adopt a guy is a new take on the dating scene by allowing girls to pick which guys they would like to "adopt." Once these guys are placed in a shopping cart only then are they allowed to contact the girl. Cute animations and an interesting spin on dating set this site apart.

After it was all said and done, we took a vote on our favorite startup from STeM #4. It was a tight race between Fifobooks and Adopt a Guy at the beginning. However, as voting continued Socialwish pulled through and tied Fifobooks. So we had a vote off and SocialWish ended up winning by a vote to be crowned the winner of STeM #4; (winner received a one year membership to Founder's Card valued at $695.)

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